2020 sponsors

Google for Education has Google Drive and its varied distribution tools as its core. Through the use of Google Docs, Drive, mail, calendar, and more, teachers can create virtual classes, track document changes, participate in discussions, and more–what many teachers have been doing for years, but in a formal package that can also serve alignment across classrooms and schools.

Inspire Loudoun Co-Hosts

Raising funds to create exceptional learning opportunities
Excite our children's curiosity and enhance the quality of the Loudoun County Public Schools
Channeling our community's resources to students and teachers
Provides support to district initiatives that improve teaching and learning through the meaningful integration of instructional technologies.
The Educational Technology Team, along with the Instructional Facilitators of Technology (IFTs) in each school, provide professional development to ensure that teachers have the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage the technologies available in their classroom.